When sharing experience becomes easier !

 With OverEyes :


Boost the individual development of your players


Increase the collective performance of your teams

Looking to develop the individual skills of your players

Need to improve the Spacing and Timing of your team

The right image,
in the right place,
at the right time

With your athletes, identify, compare and correct their actions on the field, using a unique, ergonomic and immersive video system.

Overeyes: the essential complement to make your players perform.

Up to 4 cameras (fiwed ou mobile)
TouschScreen OverEyes
Coach’s remote control

used INSTANTLY on the field.

Cameras …

… controlled from the field …

… for multi-screen instant feedback.

Need to ...

Develop individual skills

Improve collective play
(Spacing and Timing)

To :

Encourage self-confrontation

Stimulate Experimentation

Consolidate the Physical preparation

Support re-athletisation

Use :

The Delay

The instant replay

The qualified TAG

The Multi-Cam

Your ambitions require to :


Increase the expertise of your coaches tenfold


Increase the performance level of your athletes


Promote your training centres


Accelerate the achievement of your objectives

Get a head start,
Be among the first to benefit from a unique technology.

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... " Very effective in improving performance development, both individually and collectively! Its ergonomics and the different modes of use make it really easier to use during training. Players and staff find a real interest in it "...

Fred SARRE, General Manager, JL-Bourg - FranceWinner of 3 french Championships as HeadCoach
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